History of Jomo Langma (Mt. Everest)

About the formation of the sun, the moon and the universe
At first, space in all directions was an empty expanse in which the various elements abided in a most subtle, non-manifested way. As the wind element became more gross, it acquired an increasing momentum, and, in all directions, clouds of elements formed. Following this, the water element manifested as a limitless rain which formed the vast ocean. As the gathering effect of the wind continued, the particles of the fire element formed the sun, while those of the water element formed the moon. Through the play of the currents and waves of the ocean, the earth particles gathered and emerged as the first mountains. The humidity produced by the evaporation of the ocean produced the dew, and, through the effect of cold, the snow peaks and glaciers. The lower lands, formed later, did not hold ice.

Written down by Odi Vajra, 9 December, 1992

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