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August 31, 2001
Government Maoist Peace Talks Positive

The breakthrough and the first round of peace talks between the government and the Maoists ended on a positive note with both sides expressing their commitment to resolve all the differences and the problems through peaceful dialogue.

Both the government representatives and the senior Maoist Leaders, who were on the table for negotiation expressed satisfaction and issued a joint press release mentioning that the talks were held in highly cordial atmosphere. Former speaker Mr. Daman Nath Dhungana, one of the moderators of the said talks expressed his satisfaction at the turn of the events. Speaking to reporters he said if both sides displayed the same cordiality and commitment to resolving the problem as evident today, the problem will be resolved amicably.

The Maoists have assured the government delegation of shunning all kinds of forceful and untoward activities. Meanwhile, Hon'ble Minister for Information & Communications, and spokesperson of the His Majesty's Government Jaya Prakash Gupta informed the press that the government was satisfied with the talks.

The celebration of Indra Jatra, a festival to honour the Living goddess Kumari, heralds the coming of the festival season. The atmosphere of peace and the many festivals, including Dashain makes visit to Nepal a great experience.

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