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Thread: good trekking agency?

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    Default good trekking agency?

    Hi there....

    greetings to all of you.....

    I would like to discuss organizing a trip to Dolpo with a solid trekking agency or a good guide in Kathmandu. As you know, a trip like that would probably need some competent planning..Does anyone know a reliable and friendly trekking agency in Kathmandu that might be able to undertake a trip like that reasonably?

    Thank you kindly for your help..

    go well

    L J

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    Hi Janet,

    You can compare a few quotations before deciding. I usually used marvel treks expedition in thamel for the last seven years. Nice people and sincere. "The ready to serve attitude" is there. Happy talking to them ....You can find them under or ...Do not select the least price but the quality is important. Enjoy your trek ...

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    I use Buddha treks, in Thamel. Have done for 5 visits to Nepal. They can also arrange a nice hotel at cut rates (I moved from the hotel I was in to their recommended one and a better room, cheaper). They have a website, and phone/email/fax links. Say George from Australia sent you.

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    Dear Janet,

    World heritage treks & expedition is a reliable and friendly company in Thamel.

    you can contact Mr Luke webster or Mr. Kabiraj Nepal. They arrange your every travel need including trips, hotel booking, Chitwan wildlife tour, Whitewater rafting. You can check their website

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    Hi Janet,
    This is Sanjay from Everest Excursion
    It is indeed good to look for recomendation when you want to go to a far off place like Dolpo. I myself would certainly do that.
    However among the many recommended agencies, just try us out, we are certainly equipped with the experience and management to make your trek to Dolpo a truly memorable one. You can write to us at:

    Thank you

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