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Thread: Annapurna or Solo Khumbu Region

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    Hi, I've trekked in the Everest Region a couple of years ago and am returning to Nepal in February with a mate. We're looking at trekking the Annapurna Circuit but after reading about all the road works going on I'm now starting to wonder if I would enjoy the experience? If I could have some advice on the matter it would be appreciated. Should we think about trekking in the Everest Region ( Gokyo Lakes ) or is the Annapurna experience still worth it?

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    I did AC twice in 2007 and it is still worth doing it tough this may soon change. On Marsyandi side the road will soon reach Chamje, in fact it almost did but due to difficult terrain they still have to brake through some rocky sections. So far you can reach Bhulebhule by regular public bus - very attractive ride due to awful state of the road, especially if you travel on the roof. After Bhulebhule the road stays on the right bank of the river while the trail crosses to left bank and you will not see much of the road. Later on after Dharapani in places the trail is wider, obviously preparation to turn it into a road but no traffic there for quite some time.
    On Kali Gandaki side the situation is much different. There is no point to continue after Jomsom but better fly out to Pokhara, except to visits Marpha and Tukuche villages and return. The road along the valley is not yet conected all the way to Beni but they helicoptered vehicles in so there is now taxi service all the way to Mukhtinat (via Kagbeni) not to mention frequent motocycle traffic. Therefore one day descend from Mukthinat to Jomsom is enough to get a feeling of the place and an optional extra day to visit Marpha before fly out.

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    A new route for trekkers has been talked about but there has been little action on the ground - due to the maoist occupation of most of the Annapurna region presumably. One has to ask what is being done with all the 2000NRs that trekkers pay to ACAP. Over a year it adds up to a considerable sum but like many of the other tourist fees, it seems to disappear into the ether.
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