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Thread: I had an excellent trek mostly because of my guide.

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    Default I had an excellent trek mostly because of my guide.


    I want to recommend my Guide Ruk Thapa. He led me safely round the Annapurna Circuit in Dec 07.

    This was no mean feat. I broke my back at the beginning of the year and headed over to Nepal to relax with the intention of going for a "bit of a walk" to get fit.

    I felt safe with Ruk, and just kept going, even visiting Annapurna base camp in the 4 weeks I had.

    Ruk was keen to help out the less fortunate so we often walked passed the main lodges and had tea at the smaller huts or places, not only was this cheaper it was a lot more fun.

    As the trail was pretty empty of trekkers I got to know Ruk pretty well.

    Ruk has worked as a porter, a guide, a high altitude butterfly collector for the Japanese, and then as a head teacher before returning to guiding. He is a keen fisherman as well.

    His experiance teaching means hes great at teaching Nepali, I learnt more in the first week than in the whole month of my previous visit.

    I can't say enough good things about him, email him at or

    If your lucky he might be free to guide you. If you have any questions or need more info get in touch with me.


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