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Thread: note of Chhukhung - Kongma La - Lobuche

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    Default Re: note of Chhukhung - Kongma La - Lobuche

    My advices:

    If you are well acclimatized, crossing Kongma La from either side is not difficult.

    No support / lodge en route, no escape route; bring enough food & water.

    Considering to hire guide / porter, or to trek in group.

    Bring prayer flag from Namche Bazaar, put it on the la.

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    Default Re: note of Chhukhung - Kongma La - Lobuche

    An excellent report which be of great help to those planning to do this walk. Lovely pics of it all as well. Thank you. Q. How long did it take you - lodge to lodge?

    A couple of notes on the pictures. In the first photo (Chhukhung Ri) you can clearly see the path up Chhukhung Ri. This is an excellent sidetrip if you have the time. Fantastic views of the great wall of Nuptse/Lhotse and great views to the east (including Makalu), to the south and the west. In the second picture (Imja Tsho) the path to Island Peak basecamp is visible just to the left of centre near the bottom of the picture. It is also possible to walk to the right of the Imja Glacier to where there is a small round lake (not visible in the photo). You can climb the lateral moraine of the glacier to look down on the ice but it is very unstable with rocks falling constantly and the ice booming and cracking below. If you do this, be very careful, you would probably not get out if you fell down towards the ice.

    Looking East from Chhukhung Ri:

    Looking south:

    Looking north:

    We missed out on Chhukhung last trip because we had a date to be in Pokhara and I very much regret it.
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    Default Re: note of Chhukhung - Kongma La - Lobuche

    My preference was Lobouche to Chukkung. The lakes in the Fall are a gorgeous turquoise blue and the climb up the stepper part is a good ascent and then a meander down the pleasnat trail to Chukkung.

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    At the start of the climb to Kongma La( from Lobuche) with ascent route shown.....
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