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Thread: Sleeping Bag - Will this be warm enough

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    Yeah I have a Moonraker aswell. Very warm and not a bad bag for the money, but I have this problem with 'mummy' shaped bags that with my legs constrained I tend to lash out violently during the night. Like kicking walls and stuff.

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    I walked up to Gokyo in October with a 900Gr (total weight) XL synthetic bag (rated at something like + 3 C Comfort). Up to Namche it was sufficient & from Namche on - toasty warm (with an extra blanket). Nice thing about synthetic is - you can pile blankets on top without seriously reducing the effectivness of your bag.
    Walked in from Tumlingtar & out via Jiri so a light bag had a lot of pros - it was bloody 40 c in Tumlingtar. If I would fly in & out of Lukla - I would take my 2 Kg sea bird down bag

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