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    I created a travel blog of my train trip from Beijing to Lhasa. When I was planning the trip I found it difficult to find first hand information on this train and hence I created some web pages that will hopefully help others. Once in Lhasa we traveled via Land Cruiser to Everest Base Camp and then to Katmandu. It was an amazing trip and I am now working on my travel blog for the Land Cruiser part of the trip. If I can answer any questions please feel free to get in touch. I know this is not the traditional trekking trip like most do on this web site, but I did get quite a bit of information from this web site and so I am trying to give back.

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    Hi Robert:

    Thanks for posting your experiences on the Lhasa train. My son and I will do the same trip at the end of July and this is the first detailed report I found anywhere on the web, so quite helpful for us.

    Once in Tibet, we will do the Ganden - Samye trek and then follow your footsteps to Kathmandu via the EBC. Hopefully the monsoon will not cloud all the views.

    Looking forward to your pictures and tales from the rest of the trip.


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