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    Hey everyone... I'm getting very excited for my time in Nepal. It looks like my friends and I are going to attempt the Annapurna Circuit. We've got about a month in Nepal, starting around May 24 and ending June 21.

    I know that this is the beginning of the rainy season, but from what I understand this is area should be pretty dry? (Please correct me if I'm wrong here)

    The thing I am interested in is prices. I have my air-fare in and out of the country, but I was curious about general lodge/food price along the circuit. My friends and I are all Graduated College Students thus we are used to eating cheap food and living in standard Dormitory accommodations.
    Also, what are my options for getting to the trail head from Kathmandu. I have a book that describes bus routes, but it's 6 years old.

    Again, thank you all for your invaluable information.


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    Default Re: Current Prices in Nepal

    Hi Mike,

    expect rain during the monsoon season. Some of the upper areas on the AC trek are in a partial rainshadow area. There will be mud and leeches on the lower sections of the trail.

    I would tentatively suggest a budget of 1000-1500 NRs per person per day, and you'll probably have some spare for a few luxuries or souveniers. Any that you have left after the trek will evaporate pretty quickly when you get back to town. Better to have too much spare cash than too little and run out. Very roughly maybe 100-200 Nrs for a room, 150-200 for a dhal bhat, 20-40 per cup of tea. Please don't haggle over menu prices, they are set at a fair/reasonable rate, if you can afford the flight to Nepal you can certainly affort to stay there for the duration of your holiday.

    You can get a bus from KTM to the trailhead at Besisahar, but if you plan to spend a few days in Pokhara after the trek then consider going there first to dump some stuff that you don't need for the trek and then you can have a clean pair of jeans (or whatever) waiting for you in a hotel. The extra travelling is ofset by having a lighter pack to carry. Just ask in your hotel and they will arrange any bus tickets that youy need.

    Have fun.

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