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Thread: EBC Late December

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    Kongma La is a pass between Digboche and Lobuche. Instead of a "easy" walk trough the valley at Periche to Lobuche, you can take the Kogma La. Highest pass point about 5535meters. The walk down to lobuche should be long and thats why most people who do the Kala Patar won't take this pass the Day before.

    But if you have enough time en get a good rest, it must be a beautifull trip (I've taken the easy walk last november because the next day I would climb Kala Patar.

    map Kongma La:

    Pictures of my Jiri-Kala Patar trip:
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    You cross the glacier from Lobouche and climb to the pass. It is good path with yaks pasture almost o the top. It is a long meandering path down to Chukung. The view from the top is looking towards the Chukung side. A very wothwhile walk if you are in the area.

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    Hi Ricky,

    I did Kongma La two years ago with 6 clients, at that moment there was no snow at all. But this crossing is hard and dangerous with snow and ice. So better inform before and just take a guide from Dingboche or Chuckung for two days and pay him for three. The trail is more or less starting halfway in between Dingpoche and Chuckung and goes to a big lake just below the pass. There the harder part of the trekking starts and the way down to Lobuche is pretty steep. If there is no snow it's perfect, but if you want to take no risks take some crampons with you and a good guide.
    Cho La, mostly is not a problem. Crossed it several times and also beginning of December. Now a days there is a very good lodge(s) in Tagnak on the way down to Gokyo. Wishing you good luck and enjoy.


    Quote Originally Posted by ricky

    Thanks for posting that great picture.
    I would really like you tell me more about Kongma La, like where it starts and finishes and how long it takes, are guides necessary ect...

    Any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated.


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