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Thread: trekking in february

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    Default trekking in february

    how about annapurna circuit in february? is it possible to cross the pass? if there is a lot of snow, can we organise guide/porter before the pass? where to get up-to-date information about situation on the pass(i know it is hard to say, it can change from hour to hour)?
    which trek do you recommende suitable for this time?
    i know that it is not usual to trek with own tent in nepal but anyway, if you have some suggestion for this kind of treking, we enjoy it a lot. we don't have enough money to arrange nepalese agency for a camping trek.

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    Default Annapurna Circuit


    If you have time to make sure you have good weather conditions at the pass go for it. Ic crossed Thorung La in Frb 2004 with not a single problem. But be carefull with snow and wind. Make sure no to go alone. it is also sensible to take at least ski poles. Sorry for short note but I have a broken right hand... Good luck!!


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    Default Trekking in Nepal

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    Default AC in feb

    I did AC end of Feb. 2004 as well. Winter 03/04 had very few snow so there was not much snow on Thorung la. Anyway the remains of winter snow should not be a problem since there is a lot of crossing going on and trekking parties break the way. Except that the trail can become icy...
    If there is a fresh snowfall (like in Oct.2005) it might be immpossible to cross the pass for a few days. But locals know it is essentail to have Thorung la open so the line of trekkers coming to their lodges is not interrupted therefore the trail is broken as soon as possible. It is possible to get info about the pass at ACAP office in Manang. In Manang you can hire porters for crossing the pass.
    Camping on AC does not make much sense since there are lodges all the way. For instance between Manang and Thorung Pedi (before the pass) there are lodges in Tenghi, Ghunsang, Yak Karka, Ledar, Th.Phedi base camp and Th.Phedi high camp. Which means a lodge in less than 1 hour distance. If you acclimatise properly (at least going on Pisang - Manang high route and min. 1 acclimatization day in Manang) from Th.Phedi high camp you can reach the pass in 3-4 hours (with one teahouse on the way and a teashop on the top of the pass - probably not open that early in season).
    Also it is very very cold above Manang and you would need very good camping equipment. In lodges you can use piles of blankets to warm up during night. My advice is: forget about camping, go for lodges (with or without porters).

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