We hope this thread doesn't make a duplicate, but it seemed to not exist yet.

On some other pages we have followed nice guides, in Swedish though, on the proceedings on different parts of the Cho La pass and how to navigate this tricky bit of trekking/light mountaineering safely and by yourself.

We will be there in a few months, regretfully during the monsoon, but thats when we have the time so we will make the best of it. Last summer we did some nice treks in the Garwhal and had a smashing time. Usually the weather is pretty good once you get the altitude.

We wanted to start a thread on how to pass the Cho La. Please note, we will be travelling on our own, with no guides or porters.

The reasons for this is purely for the challenge. we spend all we can on the resturants and so forth and are very generous to the local economy.

We will also be equipped with the regular gear such as mountaineering tent, iceaxes, lightweight rope, down sacks, stove, food and so forth. This worked very well on glaciers in India, so we feel confident about challenging the Cho La on our own. Otherwise, you can always turn back.

So, who has done it?! And who has done it without a guide? Anyone feel like taking a stab at creating a "how to guide" step by step for the Cho La pass, given the equipement we will be carrying.
Would for example be great with compass bearings, gps points and so forth.

Naturally nobody should head up high without the proper gear, training and food for several days.

Uppsala, Sweden