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Thread: Do we really need a guide to trek in Khumbu

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    Default Do we really need a guide to trek in Khumbu


    We are three people with trekking and safety experience who want to do a three weeks trek in Kumbu (Bhote Valley - Gokyo - Chola - Dinboche. We would like to enjoy it freely. Do you think we really need a guide for this trek ?

    We would like to complete the trek by ascending Imja Tse (Island Peak). Do you know how we can hire a guide and meet him in Dingboche ?


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    Default yes for Imja Tse and Cho La

    Well, you definitely need a permit to climb Imja Tse, and a registered climbing guide (not just any guide). Usually these climibing guides come through the better trekking agencies, who can also look after your climibng permits.

    Also crossing Cho La is no mean feet if the visibility gets lower all of a sudden or if the weather changes (wich can easily happen at over 5000 metres altitude. You can ge lost and die up there in the fog. I definitely suggest getting a guide.
    However if you don't want to do Imja Tse, you don't need a "climbing guide", just a normal but good guide.

    If you just want to trek to Gokyo or EBC without Cho La or Imja Tse, then you can do the whole thing by yourselves. Although you might find the whole experience more satisfying with a good guide. Still everyone has their own preferences.

    If you want some well recommended independent guides, as well as a good trustworthy Nepali trekking company (for Imja Tse) please send me a private message.

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    Thumbs up Anyway,I don't say that you need guide or not but if you take,it will be better for y

    Trekkers, Travelers, Tour operators, and visitors,
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    Anyway,I don't say that you need guide or not but if you take,it will be better for you,becouse of i thinkduring to treking time you arein as a abroad,you won't know about any thing,but Guide always treying to give good service to gust.that's way i think you should take guide or poter.
    Bhanu Adhikari

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    Default guides, Imja Tse etc.

    It is difficult to say you need or you need not a guide to trek in Khumbu. Some people need a guide to get to Kathmandu and some people climb 8000m peaks without one. If you have some mountaineering experience, know how to evaluate conditions on the trail, know when you have to retreat if weather turns bad etc. you can do your trek without a guide. But at least it is wise to have a porter who knows the route. In my case when we were cought on top of Renjo la in a snowstorm we descended with no problems from the pass in fresh snow and zero visibility thanks to the knowledge of our porters.
    To climb Imja Tse you have to arrange it with a nepal based agency. The agency will provide a climbing permit, pay garbage disposal fee on your behalf (refundable), take care of potential helicopter rescue, arrange a climbing sherpa and climbing equipment for you and supply you with tents, cook, food etc. for Imja Tse BC. You can arrange to meet with climbing sherpa in Dingboche and limit the services of the agency just for Imja Tse base camp.

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