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Thread: Late January to Early Feb

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    Default Late January to Early Feb

    I'm going to EBC in the early 2006. Anyone knows the condictions up there? is it possible to go up there? How many days will it take to finish the trekking.
    I'm preparing my booking flight tickets.

    I like this fourm, a lot info to look at!!

    Chen Lung

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    Antje Kharchi Guest

    Default I had this guide during my Nepal trip

    I did consider trekking when I first arrived in Nepal with only vague plans for my Indian visa break. But after having battled touts too often, the prospect of finding and hiring a trekking guide seemed daunting. Through a string of fortunate coincidences a mutual friend introduced me to Jagat Lama, an independent government-licensed guide with lots of experience. After considering my desire to see mountain village life, and my limited time span, he suggested the comfortable entry-level Ghorepani trek in the Anapurna region. Together we arranged the logistics, such as bus tickets, trekking license etc. At every step he showed me the tricks of the trade, and made sure that I paid fair prices for everything.
    During the trek itself he took the lead in his quiet, unassuming manner, observing my physical abilities and adjusting the pace accordingly, never making me feel uncomfortable for my slow ascents on steep climbs. Instead, he encouraged me to find my groove and stick to it, so that even the hardest hikes were a joy.
    His itinerary was perfectâ?"a good balance of walking and rest stops, and he chose lovely places for the night halts, never the sleekest ones, but inexpensive places with lots of charm and hospitality. It was very cold during this pre-season, and every night we found ourselves sitting by the kitchen fire, chatting with the proprietresses and eating delicious Dal Bhats. Once we encountered a festival in a Gurung village along the way and decided to stay, adjusting our plans accordingly to enjoy an afternoon of singing and dancing.
    Jagat is everything I could have wished for in a guide. He is professional, respectful, courteous, kind, and knowledgeable, has a subtle sense of humor and is a great travel companion. We had wonderful conversations along the way, as well as long stretches of comfortable silence. His second profession as a singer is an added bonus because on many occasions he lent his voice to an entertaining evening by the fire. He taught me many Nepali words and phrases and gave me a great introduction to the various cultures we encountered along the way. Already halfway into our trek I decided to return in April to tackle the Annapurna circuit with him. His prices are very reasonable, and in fact, he decided to work independently to avoid exploitation of both client and guide by agencies. He renews his license every five years after undergoing additional training.

    I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. My e-mail address is Better yet, you can contact Jagat at or on his Kathmandu mobile number at 98510-76386.

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