experience and adventure of a life time, definitely again.

to celebrate getting my masters degree, i booked EBC gokyo chole (18 days) and a short trip to poon hill near annapurna (7 days) with hiking himilayas ( http://www.hikinghimalayas.com/ ). I had emailed several companies and raj, owner of hiking himalayas, was the first to reply. he made a very good impression on me, so I decided to book with him in the end.
i arrived late at night in kathmandu, got picked up by raj and his brother hari (my guide). early next morning we went to the airport, to catch a flight to lukla, the starting point of the EBC trek. due to bad weather, our flight got cancelled after several hours of waiting, but my guide quickly organized us a spot on one of the last helicopter to head for lucla. as the weather conditions had gotten worse since we started, we had to land a bit below lucla. we arrived around 16:30 and walked way into darkness to our first tea house, where a nice meal and some local wine waited for us.
over the next few days we stayed at very clean and comfortable tea houses and had an amazing time on the road. on the evening of the sixth day (acclimatization in dingboche (4400m) i became sick. i had a food poisoning, from a pizza i ate on the way to dingboche, where the restaurant used uncooled mayonnaise in stead of tomato sauce (who does something like that o.O). by the time i asked my guide what it was, and he asked the restaurant what they used there, i had already eaten too much of it. hari organized us evacuation for the next morning and kept watch over me all night, and it was a rough night. i didnt have my insurance policy number with me, but together with his brother raj, he organized the pick up without me having to pay up front. the evacuation cost around 10.000$ and i didnt have that kind of money. so next morning we were flown by helicopter back to kathmandu and to hospital, where i stayed for 3 days.
after being discharged from hospital, i stayed with hari's family, so they could care for me, until i was well enough to continue hiking. on one of these days we explored kathmandu together. as i had a lot of time over now, we extended my trip to poon hill, and went all the way to ABC instead. i joined with a young couple from corea/USA (see review below).
again we had an amazing trip and stayed at very clean and comfortable tea houses, and very tasty and hygienic food. i was still a bit damaged from the food poisoning and the following antibiotic therapy, but hari made sure that i reached the base camp. the porter we had on this trip (a second grade cousin of hari) was also super friendly and did amazing work. we made it to ABC and back to pokhara without any incidents. in pokhara we had a fantastic dinner together. the next day, while the couple i traveled with headed back to kathmandu, me and hari went sightseeing around pokhara which was really nice.
the next day, we headed out into the countryside for 5 days, as i still had a lot of time over. our porter joined us half way with the necessary permit for the trip. the 12 hour bus ride over bumpy dust roads was quite an adventure in itself. for two nights we stayed with the porters family and visited a hindu temple. the third night we stayed at hari's sisters home. it was very interesting to see the non touristy side of nepal. the last night we went out for nice dinner, which only cost us 7.5$ for 3 persons. i got a cold on the way, so when we were back in kathmandu, i stayed with hari again. the last evening, raj organized me and his next client invitations to a fancy banquet, as a good by/welcome dinner. the day i flew back, we had a brunch at raj's house and I did some more shopping and sightseeing in kathmandu. in the evening raj took me back to the airport.

as i didnt finish the everest trek, I will come back in a few years and definitely go with hiking himalayas again. though not everything went according to plan, together we made the best of it.

some tips in the end:
if you go up into the mountains, take iron supplements (iron is needed to produce red blood cells, to adapt to the thinner air at higher altitudes)
when taking pictures of the sunrise, use tripod and self timer (a lot of my pictures ended up blurry, because i didnt use the timer)
bring clothes for a wide range of temperatures. even above 4000 meters, you can have tropical heat.