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Thread: Weather condition around Manaslu in December

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    Default Weather condition around Manaslu in December


    We are planning a trek around Manaslu next December (dec 12th to dec 29th). We would like to assess the risk that the section around Larkela pass (or any other section of this trek) may be blocked by snow at this time of year.

    1. Do you know how many days in December in the previous years that this section was blocked by snow ?
    2. Or how would you rate the risk that the trail is blocked for more than one day ?
    3. Do you know how many people succeed to complete this trek at that time of year ?

    If you have any detail on weather condition for that trek (ex.: snowfall, temperature, etc.) please provide it to me.

    Thank you very much !


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    Don't know about December.

    I went around in April years ago -- TONS of snow from Sama up-and-over Larkya.

    Snowstorm a week before and several porters in a preceeding group died (it was criminal!).

    I have been to Everest (2x), over Thorung La (2x), and once over Larkya La. Sure, Larkya wasn't as high or as steep, but it was far more remote and rougher in terms of weather.

    Sama--Larkya is a long long way from any help. If there is a snow storm (in December), you'd better be very prepared.

    Having said the above, I hope someday to return to Manaslu (in Oct!).

    Good luck.
    Landfall 38

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    Near Sama. Apparently it is best to shoot for crossing larkya la by early November. It is not difficult or technical but a long ways from any Villages. It is still my favoursite in Nepal.

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