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Thread: Photoreportage from Eastern Tibet on Luminous Landscape

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    Default Photoreportage from Eastern Tibet on Luminous Landscape

    I visited Amdo and Kham regions of Tibet in 2013, now Luminous Landscape photography forum has published my reportage from that trip with 20 photographs and a 2900 word essay.

    For those more interested in Tibet here is the link to the Flicker albums from the trip, albums 3 to 6, with some 186 photographs:

    There were a couple of places where practically no westerners have ever been.


    Addendum: they have announced today (November 24th) that Luminous Landscape will be subscription only starting Nov 30th. That apparently means that the first link will not work after that. Flicker albums will be there of course, but no article…

    I think I have to set up a blog for it.
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