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Thread: Sleep system for Annapurna & Machu Picchu

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    Default Sleep system for Annapurna & Machu Picchu


    I'm planning Machu Picchu & Annapurna gear list. For both I'm being recommended a -10C sleep system, so I would like to invest once to cover both these treks.
    I currently have a Marmot Phase 30, so far from fitting the temperature. I see 2 options :
    - I buy a sleeping bag/quilt that covers -10 : simple solution, but it limits the use of it to these 2 treks only (or at least this type of treks).
    - I buy a quilt to use with my Phase 30 (current idea being EE Revelation 20 as outer layer) : the versatility of the layering system would theoretically cover all types of trek I could do in the future, however I'm reading on different forums very opposite opinions - some love the layering system, some state that the compression of the outer layer on the inner results in loss of insulation and therefore doesn't work/too risky.
    I'm not an expert, specially for these mountain treks. Do you have experience in using a layering system for those, or met with people using it? Any recommendation?


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    Default Re: Sleep system for Annapurna & Machu Picchu

    Late reply but still... It all depends when you are trekking in the Annapurna region and if you plan to get high. No, I mean walk to high altitude, as in crossing Thorung La or going to Annapurna Base camp. If you do these in the November to February period - you must have a good down sleeping bag. However, a moderate sleeping bag, with a blanket or two will be ok. Lodges in the Annapurna area provide extra blankets. I do not think you will suffer of cold in these conditions (it will be like -5 degrees inside the room at 4800 m altitude in High Camp on the Annapurna Circuit or at ABC) but it will be less comfortable with all that weight on top of you. But you will not die. I think... Still, a good down sleeping bag is difficult to beat. You can purchase one in KTM for 120-150 USD, a really good one. Or maybe just hire one for 2 dollars a day for the trek.

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    Default Re: Sleep system for Annapurna & Machu Picchu

    Machu picchu?? Peru isn't it??

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