I'm writing this thread becasue of my past experiences with a certain group of guys whom have touched me deeply and have given me some of the best experiences in my life.
In 2015 I was trekking the Manaslu Circuit Trek with a friend of mine and our guide Rabin Neupane. I have since been back, and have traveled and trekked quite alot in Nepal with different agencies. What I have learned throughout my travels is that there is an overwhelming amount of trekking agencies, most of them good, but a few of them are simply on a whole other level when it comes to service, communication and safety.

Two guys who I have to mention is the brothers Rajesh Neupane and Rabin Neupane. These guys and their team at Nepal Trekking Experts are locals from the Manaslu Region and have decades of experience in trekking and adventure-activities. In December 2016 they have started a new agency aiming to cut above the average agencies and are providing the best service, communication and professionalism I have ever witnessed in my 25 years of age (young age, old soul)! As well as very competitive prices!
Every client I have ever met who chose Nepal Trekking Experts and their service have been satisfied above all expectations, and with good reason. The team aims to provide amazing and unique experiences and at the same time they are focusing alot on the sustainability, both environmentally and culturally. This is properly the reason why their guides are well-liked in the mountain villages and everywhere you go.

I WARMLY recommend contacting either Rajesh Neupane or Rabin Neupane if you are interested in a lifechanging adventure on top of the world!
Please feel free to contact me as well for references or anything else about Nepal - I would love to help!