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Thread: Climbing Chukhung Tse?

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    Default Climbing Chukhung Tse?

    Hey guys, I'm heading out to hike the 3 passes trek in April/May and was hoping to do Chukhung Tse on the way. There doesn't seem to be much info on the route - only info for Chukhung Ri, the smaller of the peaks. The ridge in between the two looks doable, if rather sketchy (especially in bad weather). I've seen some people saying you can approach from the east on the glacier and ascend a scree slope that way. Anyone done this? I won't have any mountaineering gear so I don't want to do anything dangerous, but it would be great to break 19k on the trek if possible!

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    Default Re: Climbing Chukhung Tse?

    Heh, quite late reply but maybe somebody will benefit from it.

    I did not climb Chukhung Tse, but me and a couple of friends went up the ridge from Chukhung Ri to Chukhung Tse until the last saddle before it, then went down right to the glacier morraine and returned back.

    We had a good look at Chukhung Tse from not that far. We did not climb it - it was quite a late in the day - afternoon trip after coming from Dengboche & spending maybe an hour and half on Chukhng Ri. The direct ridge route from the south looked iffy at the end - steep and loose rock blocks at altitude when you are not at your best. Might be OK (many times things are fine compared to how they look from afar). However, the route coming from NE looked much more preferable - essentially without any technical problems. You start towards Chukhung Ri, when you come to a big plateau, don't take the direct route to Chukhung Ri, but keep in the small valley between the Chukhung ridge and side morraine of the glacier to the east of it. After maybe an hour or a bit more the route to Chukhung Tse will be obvious to your left (no path, but an open slope without technical difficulties). You want cloud-less/fog-less day ...

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