I spent 3 weeks in Nepal in October - the best experience of my life!

We were trekking as a fundraiser for the charity I run and I had a group of 7.

Our guides, Dev and Adhish, were very experienced, courteous, kind, respectful and fun! And I HIGHLY recommend them!!

The trek was incredible, our guides made sure we went slowly, rested adequately, drank enough water etc... and everyone was fine, physically. Our group ranged in age from 19 to 68 yrs.

If you are interested in using an independent guide, PLEASE contact me for more info about the guides we used! This option is typically cheaper than using a company and the money goes right to the people and into the economy. Our guides always had our best interests at heart, even getting up in the middle of the night if someone as ill! They hired great porters also. We met other travelers who were not impressed by their guides and we felt so fortunate! I would love to recommend our guides to you - please contact me for more info and other testimonials. They were amazing people and I would like to help bring them some business, and also help other travelers avoid the pitfalls of paying too much for this incredible experience, or dealing with an inexperienced or unethical guide.

Trekking in Nepal is too amazing an experience to have it ruined by hiring the wrong guide!!

Also, they guide treks ALL OVER Nepal, not just EBC, including all Annapurna treks, Mustang and Dolpa regions!

You can contact Dev here: dev.tamang1985@gmail.com

Or email me for more info. Happy to answer any questions!! tbdreher@yahoo.com