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Thread: Romanian Tourist Missing in Nepal

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    Default Romanian Tourist Missing in Nepal

    Romanian Tourist Missing in Nepal/ lets help to find her .
    A Romanian tourist, Popescu Adina Monica, 26 years old, is out of reach in Nepal. She had the flight back to Romania via Doha on 18th of July but the Flight company confirmed that she didn.t went on that flight.
    Last news from her came on 14th when she was going to do Annapurna trek.
    Please help her relatives and share this post so they can track her! you can also contact Good Karma Trekking if you have any updates regarding this female trekker ?
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    Default Re: Romanian Tourist Missing in Nepal

    Below is the link organised by a work colleague from Adina's company.
    Apparently he is in Nepal, Pokhara, right now, trying to organise a helicopter and rescue dogs. I have no idea about this, more than the two links below, the seem to update them every now and then:

    Again, it looks like this person was someone walking alone, though I cannot be sure.
    Who knows, maybe she changed her mind and is trekking somewhere with no phone coverage. That would be a happy situation. But past experience says it is unlikely to be so.

    Latest updates: July 23 (7:41 PM GMT+3, Bucharest)

    the search has begun, but Radu, our colleague from Marketizator (the company where Adina works) has to get there to pay the rescue teams
    Radu just landed in Kathmandu and he is on his way to Pokhara with an object to give it to the rescue dogs
    Latest updates: July 23

    a part of the rescue team is already searching for her
    we have managed to find a helicopter but it's not yet flying
    there are bad weather conditions
    on the evening of July 22, our colleague, Radu, our colleague from Marketizator (the company where Adina works) took a plane to Nepal. Radu also took with him an object of her to give it to the dogs that are trained for rescue missions.
    the chances for a successful rescue mission with the dogs are 85%
    Keep your fingers crossed and please open your heart. Contribute or share. We had only managed to cover 5% of the amount of money that we need for the rescue mission.

    Original Story

    Adina is a 26-years-old Romanian who has embarked upon a journey to Nepal. She has participated in multiple orientation competitions in the mountains, having great results.

    She entered Nepal on July 11, planning to get home, in Romania, on July 18. She has disappeared starting with July 16 when she sent some photos to the family and friends.

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    Default Re: Romanian Tourist Missing in Nepal

    Here is the sad ending of the story of Adina, the trekker which dissapeared on 16 July. The rescue team fould her body on the riverside (I assume it was the Modi Khola) but they do not specify exactly where, It must be somewhere between Jihu Danda and Birethanti. maybe near New Bridge?
    Fact of the matter is that she got caught in a landslide and was by herself. Whether her trekking alone was a factor, or not, we will, probably, never know. There were at 8 days between her fall, and the finding of her body on 24 July.
    Did she survive the immediate impact, or not? Not details are given as yet.

    I am reproducing her support group announcement. Please note that I do not know them, and while the request for donations is probably legitmate and genuine, I cannot endorse it.

    "Dear friends,

    The rescue team found Adina's body on the riverside. She got caught in a landslide and didn't survive.

    In the name of my team at Marketizator and everyone who organized the rescue mission, I thank you all for your support.

    Right now (July 24) we do everything we can to get Adina's body back in Romania and support her family.

    If you are from Romania and want to help her family, you can make donations in this account:

    RON: RO17INGB0000999904883488

    If you are in a foreign country, you can make a donation via Pay Pal, here, on the FundRazr website. Please send me a message if you encounter any issues.

    When we first created this campaign, we estimated a total amount of 40K USD to be able to pay for multiple rescue missions such as a helicopter, which is 1800 USD per hour, a team of specialists with trained dogs, which is 8000 USD paid in advance, and other local teams.

    Tomorrow morning (July 25) I will be able to update the total amount of money that we need. We will make an estimation based on the information sent by the authorities and our friend, Radu, who has traveled to Nepal to find her.

    All of the donations made by now will be redirected to bringing her body home and supporting the family.

    ! Any person who has made a donation for Adina's rescue mission can get a refund if she/he feels like the contribution didn't match the initial purpose. Please contact elena.dobre@marketizator for this kind of requests."

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