Our family recently returned from a successful trip to Everest Base Camp. Previous to choosing a guide I did some research and contacted a few companies to ask questions. One guide charged twice as much as High Camp Trekking, one charged a little less but was going to use one less porter. After getting some questions answered from High Camp Trekking and reading good recommendations on Trip Advisor, I moved forward with our plan to trek with High Camp Trekking. Before arriving we had our questions answered and we had a good idea what to expect. They helped us to know what gear we needed. When we arrived in Kathmandu, we met with Sanjay (our guide) and Norsang (his brother and the manager) at our hotel to go over our plan. After they took us around Thamel to pick up last minute items we thought we might need (including high altitude medicine- Diamox). They picked us up the next morning for our flight. On the trek we stayed at good tea houses that had good food. Our guide Sanjay was very patient and caring. Our daughter got sick (stomach problems) on the trek and he was very helpful in suggesting she rest. The trek schedule they made had an extra day scheduled just in case, so we were able to keep to our plan. We felt safe on the trip and are very thankful we had success and that we were well taken care of on the trek. (Our nine year old was one of the youngest kids we saw on the mountain and we don't recommend taking younger kids unless you are certain they can handle lots of walking and the higher altitude. When he got up to close to 5000 meters he felt it. It was a training day so he slept a lot and did not want to eat, but he felt a lot better the next day when we made to EBC and then all the way down to Periche. We had done Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo the year before (4095 M) and Mt. Timpanogos in Utah USA when he was 6 and 7, so we had a good idea of what he could do.)