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    Howdy gang,

    I'm heading back to Nepal for my 7th visit in Feb - I go every two years and do the Jiri to Kalar Pattar trek. I'm looking for an update on a couple of things if anyone has finished that trek recently.

    1. With the fuel and food shortages are the lodges open between Jiri and Lukla?

    2. The prices for things like permits and Lukla flight go up by about 10% per year. The flight I took from Lukla to K last time was $150 (2014) Anyone got the latest prices?

    3. We usually get a cab to Jiri as I get too travel sick to ride the buses. It's usually about $150. I'm hearing that the fare may have tripled? Does anyone have any clever ways to get to Jiri other than the bus? (Just hoping)

    As I mentioned - I have completed the trek 6 times previously so if anyone would like any help with the route or what gear to take I'd be happy to help.

    Thanks everyone..



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    Default Re: Jiri to KP


    As a matter of fact, I would love help with this particular route - Jiri to KP. Guess I'm pretty lucky to stumble upon your post.

    All the information I've found thus far appears to be pretty common. Do you have any special tips for this route you wouldn't mind sharing?


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    Default Re: Jiri to KP

    Happy to help Islander, couple of questions for you - when are you going? What's your trekking experience? How fit will you be?

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    Hi there.

    We're thinking of heading there end of March 2016, the weekend after the Holi festival. As for trekking experience and fitness, I would say that my partner and I are pretty much newbies. We have climbed Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia but that's about it. The thing is, Kala Pattar looks so beautiful so we'd love to go. Any advice on gear would be appreciated too.

    Thank you and regards

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    No problems - Firstly I would say that the section of the trek from Jiri to say Kharikhola is pretty tough. The first few days can be long (depending how you do it) and the climbs and descents lengthy steep and very hard on the knees. Everyone - I have done it with says - it's the toughest walking they have ever done. Just to let you know.. I'm of good fitness but am not a 'superman' and have always managed it okay (I'm almost 56 years old and have completed it 6 times).

    I would completely recommend this trek. It's tough but really rewarding and the view from KP is wonderful. I usually go in Feb when it's reasonably cold. I went in April last time and it was a lot warmer. Feb again this year.

    Here's my personal gear list. Try hard to not carry over 15-20k if you can help it.

    Passport + one photocopy (kept separately)
    Flight tickets
    8 x Passport photos
    $ or £ to to pay for internal flights
    Cash. £'s and $ are fine and can be changed in Kathmandu. Credit cards are not widely accepted especially in the hills. There are cash points in Lukla and Namche but they should not be relied upon.


    Woolly or fleece hat and sun hat.
    Sunglasses (good ones) with a securing cord + hard case + cleaning cloth (it's also good to have a cheap spare pair)
    T-shirts x 4 (preferably not cotton as it holds sweat against the skin). Running style shirts are ideal.
    Thin fleece for day wear
    Very heavy fleece (Mountain quality not fashion) or Down Jacket. You can rent these in Kathmandu.
    Gloves. Good ones but nothing too extreme.
    A waterproof shell – this can be light and cheap – needs to big enough to go over bulky jacket. Just one of those really light, cheap, throw away - pull over your head types.
    Two pairs of trousers - trekking trousers with unzip legs are great – quick drying and light to pack. You need to test these for chafing before you travel
    Underwear x 4. Need to be tested for chafing.
    Thick socks x 2
    thin liner socks (buy the real thing from an outdoor shop) x 7
    Fleece slippers for messing around lodges. And going to the toilet at night. You can buy fleece camp booties with leather soles
    Heavy boots with spare laces. These should be completely broken in. Test these to death especially on long downhills. If your toes bump the end you will lose all your toenails.


    Backpack 60-100 litre.
    Small folding day pack for flight, Kathmandu and day walks. Essentially a bag with shoulder straps that folds to nothing.
    Sleeping bag 4 season. You can rent these in Kathmandu
    Sheet liner for the above - cotton or silk. Silk will add warmth to your sleeping bag. Washable so your sleeping bag doesn't get too stinky.
    Head torch - buy the type with the 3 diodes that takes triple A batteries. Used mostly to find your way to the toilet (so can be a cheap version. It only has to last the a few weeks). Spare batteries x 6
    Foil blanket for emergencies.
    Walking Pole or two. Should be bought in country of origin not Nepal.
    A waterproof cover for the backpack - The type that fits around the pack with elastic - last time we went we had a day of rain (first time in 65 years for the time of year) and everything got soaked.

    1. High factor sunscreen and lip block
    2. Antibiotics one type for stomach problems and one for general infections. You could share these among a group.
    3. Blister patches and some cloth plasters.
    4. Anti Delhi Belly pills (Imodium)
    5. Something to dry up a streaming nose
    6. Something to unblock sinuses
    7. Knee support bandage.
    Ibuprofen based pain killer for aching joints + Panadol for general problems like headaches.
    Ibuprofen gel.
    Pin and antiseptic wipes
    Vaseline for chafing.
    Hand cleaner lotion.
    Something to help with a cough - very common at altitude.

    1. Baby wipes. Good when you’re feeling grimy and there’s no chance to wash
    2. One drinking bottle. (1 litre) I never used mine but I can’t help but think we should have one. A 750 ml thermos flask if you prefer tea to water as I do.
    3. Camera - it's difficult to recharge batteries so check your battery life. At least two memory cards. A camera powered by conventional batteries may be better as you can take spares. Several small camera memory cards. (1-2GB) as it’s safer to split your photos across different cards in case of card failure.
    4. Padlock - small and light but good quality
    5. Compass, map and guide book – the books and maps are available in Kathmandu.
    6. Big roll of toilet paper.
    7. Pillow case – for stuffing with fleece and using as pillow.
    Good reading book - we have quite a lot of 'down time' so something to pass the hours.
    USB card reader so you can transfer your pictures to a computer for uploading..this is possible in Namche and Lukla.
    Couple of plastic bags for washing etc.
    Diary and spare pens.

    11. Small travel towel for drying off after showers. There will be times when you won’t be showering for days so it isn’t worth bringing a big towel. Small washing kit with cup, soap and shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste

    12. Ear plugs if you can wear them. There are always dogs barking at night in Nepal.


    Find a system to safeguard your photos either by transfer to a portable device such as an IPad or by emailing them from Namche or Lukla. I have experienced both memory card and camera failure due to the cold. Have spare memory cards

    Battery life for devices such as Kindles and phones can be severely affected by the cold. I found my IPad was fine but a friends Kindle only lasted a day or two instead of a month! There are limited facilities for recharging devices so bring spare batteries.

    I would suggest a spending amount of at least £15 per day maybe £20. Prices have risen each time I have visited. Depends if you want to live really cheaply or buy the odd treat.

    Have at least 2 days spare at the beginning of your trip to organise your TIMS certificate and Sargamartha National park permit (We do this in Kathmandu) Allow at least four days from Lukla at the end to allow for delays in flying to Kathmandu.. Last time I was there we waited 3 days for an available flight and this is very common due to weather problems. Usually fog in Kathmandu or cloud over Lukla.

    All gear should be tested by an all day hike. Watch for trousers rubbing between the legs, underwear that bunches, backpacks that rub, boots where your toenails hit the end of the boot when heading steeply downhill.

    That's the gear list I give to friends who come with me. I just cut and pasted it in so sorry if it seems a bit personalized in places.

    Hope this is helpful?


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    Default Re: Jiri to KP

    Quote Originally Posted by Taupo19 View Post
    4. Anti Delhi Belly pills (Imodium)
    I laughed at that.

    But wow, what an extremely useful list!!! Thank you for being so thorough. Am definitely bookmarking this thread for future reference (will probably print it out too).

    Just going to bother you with 2 more questions if you don't mind. As for cameras, just how difficult is it going to be, to recharge batteries? We use a DSLR so that may be another problem for us.

    How many days on average does it take you to complete this route? (without taking into account delays in Lukla at the end)

    Once again, thanks very much for being so helpful!

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    Hi again,

    there are charging facilities at most lodges but 1/ they tend to charge for the electricity and 2/ it's not 100% reliable.. I would imagine you will take about 1-2000 pictures. Definitely have a spare charged battery and perhaps a cheap point and click back up camera just in case. The cold makes the batteries run out more quickly as well.

    Here's my usual schedule which will give you a day count. The beginning is quite touch so you might want to take it a bit slower..

    Day 1. Bus or taxi to Jiri
    Day 2. Walk to Deorali
    Day 3 Deorali to Seti
    Day 4 Seti to Jumbesi
    Day 5 Jumbesi to Nunthala
    Day 6 Nunthala to Bubsa
    Day 7 Bubsa to Phakding (or somewhere below Lukla)
    Day 8 Phakding to Namche
    Day 9 Namche rest day
    Day 10 Namche to Tengboche
    Day 11 Tengboche to Perichi or Dingboche
    Day 12 rest day
    Day 13 Perichi to Lobuche
    Day 14 to Kalar Pattar and down as low as you can get.
    Day 15 To Namche
    Day 16 Namche to Lukla
    Day 17 To Kathmandu (hopefully)

    So with one or two days delay in Lukla just under three weeks. You can go a bit slower at the beginning - stopping at Shivalaya instead of Deorali (much shorter walk). It's adds an extra day. Also you might find one of you needs an extra days rest if you get sick or suffer an injury.

    Hope this is useful.


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    Default Re: Jiri to KP

    Islander, have a read of the sticky threads at the top of this forum. There's some trekking advice and gear lists listed there.

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    Default Re: Jiri to KP

    Jiri to Lukla is one of our favourites (above Lukla not so much...)!

    I think the schedule provided is a little ambitious, especially in the beginning.

    If you start in Jiri, then trekking to Shivalaya after arrival works well. (If you stay the night in Jiri, then Jiri to Deorali is reasonable.)
    If you hire a car/driver to Jiri, you can leave KTM 6ish and easily arrive in time to walk to Shivalaya after If you take a bus, you can actually get a bus KTM to Shivalaya (and possibly Bandhar).

    Have fun. Should be lots of rhododendrons on the way up to Lamjura Pass..

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    I've found Jiri to Deorali okay but it is a long day especially if you are going slowly. I've arrived in the dark when I've walked with slower people. By the way there's a park fee to pay in Shivalaya. I normally pay in Kathmandu before I start out. Complete rip off as we only just enter and exit the park but no point moaning about it.

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