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Thread: Filming In Nepal/Mustang/Everest

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    Default Filming In Nepal/Mustang/Everest

    I read a few minutes ago filming is not allowed in Mustang. The book is from 2009. With almost every photographic camera we have a movie option. Is there someone checking about using a photo camera for filming? I want to go to the Tiji Festival next year in Lo Manthang, but if I really canīt film it, I can reconsider my plans on sherpas livelihood in Khumbu region.

    I have already contact a company working for different projects on filming in nepal. Any recommendation about companies working there?


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    Default Re: Filming In Nepal/Mustang/Everest

    Professional filming and video work in Nepal requires permits, liaison officers and at least in theory all material is censored by the relevant government department. Costs: huge. This was easy to control in the past: all movie cameras bigger than 8mm were suspect, then all professional size TV/video cameras. If you had a sound man you were doubly suspect.

    Now with tiny HD cameras and stills cameras capable of better than broadcast video there is no way anybody can spot people carrying permit requiring gear. So shoot away, as long as you do not act too much like a video crew with lights, microphone poles etc.

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