There is a major error on Nepal Map Publisher's **Dunai: Jumla Rara** trekking map ISBN 978-9937-8180-7-0 1:7 700 000.

The "main trekking route" shown from Gamghadi via Dolphu then via Jhoripala Bhanjyang to Phophagaon **does not exist.**

The bridge at Tiyar does exist but the track does not continue up the river side and does not exist according to locals, who say that the valley is impassable. A high level route through Kimri, Karti and Dolphu does exist and is used by locals to Dolphu. The bridge beyond Dolphu (near Kimdong Khola) does not exist. There is a cable and a pulley can be hired from Dolphu. However according to locals and to our experienced mountain guide the route beyond is impassable due to slips and has been for some years. The locals do not and have not for many years passed through that way. We spent four days trying and retreated over the Tirim La Danda and went over the GHT route to Phophagaon. Locals in Phophagaon confirm that the track west towards Yalma Bhot exists but does not continue and is regarded as dangerous.

This should not be shows as a main trekking route. It would be useful to extend the map to the north to show the passes that comprise the high level GHT route.

While there are many other minor errors, particularly with altitudes which are all shown as 200-300m higher than two altimeters we carried, two other improvements would be to:

Show the pass over the Marumthang Danda (shown as 5564m, we recorded 5214m; at 82 50' 29 35' roughly) with it's correct name of Nyingma Ganzen La (amusingly, the Japanese cartographer who recorded this name thought he was hearing the name of the pass but it was the name of the person of whom he asked the question!) AND

Delete Potalgaon as a village since it has been abandoned for a generation as there is no water. It is not even a summer grazing area and there are certainly not even goths there now. Phophagaon is still a functioning village and deserves the yellow highlight.