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    Has anybody trekked North of Thame to Renjo la and crossed over to Gokyo there? What are the facilities there? How many days of camping would I need to do? Do you need a permit? I am considering doing this on my own, and trying to see how realistic that is.

    Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.


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    I crossed last year Renjo La from the Gokyo side. We camped down the Renjo La above the lake, the view on Everest and Makalu where great. Sunset and sunrise from out of the tent was amazing! Best campingspot on the entire world (if you like mountainviews)!
    The facilities from Thame side; there are some lodges if you head up toward Lungden. There you will find the last lodge before the pass. The lodge is very luxury. Bunkhouses with attached toilet and nice friendly staff.
    To go to the pass from there, will take you many hours and if snowconditions are bad, it will be a hard scramble through the rocky slopes.
    Might bring a bivy with you and some lightweight food incase you don't reach there in time. There are some rockshelters and on Phedi just below the lake some old yakhuts. From Gokyo side it can be done in one day. Takes you about 3 hours to the Renjo La and some 3 hours to Lungden.
    Times only when you are well acclimatised. We did it on the end of our trip (Island Peak, Cho La - Gokyo).
    Hope to have helped you with this info.
    Have a safe trek.


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