Not talked about much: how did the dams (new and under construction) in Nepal's mountains fare?

The Rasuwi Dam on the Trisuli river, under construction by the Chinese <10 km north of SyabruBesi (start of the Langtang Trek), has reportedly been "severely damaged".

According to this New Yorker magazine article,

When the earthquake struck, it triggered rockslides that cut the roads on both sides of the border. Aftershocks sent repeated showers of fresh rocks down onto rescuers on the Chinese side, who were trying to clear them.

By Tuesday, three days after the initial quake, Chinese military helicopters had evacuated twenty-five Chinese citizens, engineers and their families, across the border. Most of the remaining Chinese were flown out twenty-four hours later, leaving twenty engineers to keep an eye on the dam. Three hundred and fifty Nepali workers, who were running low on food and water, were reportedly left to walk to a container terminus under construction at Kyirong. The dam itself, according to the Chinese state-owned behemoth that was building it, the Three Gorges Corporation, was “severely damaged.”

Nice that they evacuated the Chinese workers by helicopter, but left their Nepalese workers to walk out on their own.

No word of the earthquake's effect on the Upper Marsyangdi Dam (near Ngadi, on the Annapurna Circuit), another dam being built by the Chinese.

As this article in The Ecologist indicates, building dams in such a earthquake-prone area carries significant risk.