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Thread: AC or Manaslu Circuit in June

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    Hi . I want to do one of these treks but its in the rainy season . I believe to do Manaslu I will need to hire a guide at 15 us a day plus about 150 usd for permit so that makes it about 500 usd more expensive than doing AC right ? And how about the weather in June . Dont want to spend if theres little mountain views . Did Jiri to EBC a few years ago in June and it was not fun coming back in the rain . So how does the weather compare between regions . Is the AC still bearable with all the road building going on . Thanks for your experienced views on this .

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    I suspect that Larkya La is likely to be closed by snow during the monsoon season. For that reason alone AC would be a safer bet.

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    The Manaslu circuit is ravaged and most of the lodges are also damaged. It is unlikely that they will be up and running before autumn.

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    I suggest you better choose Upper Mustang or Annapurna region trek because the trekking route of Manaslu region is very critical. It will need few months or even a year to do trekking in this fully devastated Manaslu region. The weather is Rainy in June and July. But if you do not mind rain and leeches you can do it. As you have studied about nepal, we have different landscape during the annapurna trek. So, you wil have rain only below 3000meter and above it cloud can't pass over as they are heavy and annapurnas are very hign. Above 3000meter, as we call it rain shadow area. However, it is necessary, to bag up some rainy jackets and big boot in order to protect yourself.

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