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Thread: Trip planning + safety

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    Default Trip planning + safety

    I'm looking into going on a trek with my 16 year old daughter in Sept/Oct.

    1) I'm debating between the Annapurna Circuit, the Annapurna Base Camp or the Langtang area trek. I prefer the Annapurna circuit (for diversity of views, nearness to the high peaks etc..), but am wondering about the difficulty compared to the other treks (I'm 45 and not as fit as I'd like). Are the other easier/harder?

    2) Seeing as we will be two women trekking alone, is it recommended to take a guide/porter? For safety? or to help carry the load? or keep us from getting lost? I'd rather travel independently to lower expenses and also to set my own timetable - we might like to take it slower, stay longer in each place - but not at the expense of our safety.

    3) Other dangers - I'm not afraid of heights, as long as I am on wide enough path (one with some room for error). I'm a little worried about high cliff paths - I think I read somewhere about one in the Pisang area?? - are there any that you know of in any of these treks?


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    If there are 2 of you - no problem with safety without a porter &/or guide. It is fairly difficult to impossible to loose ones way :-). AC is a fairly easy trek allthough quite a distance if you walk the whole route. Basically you follow one valley up, cross a high pass & follow another valley down. Having said that ... it is Nepal & there are lots of ups & downs :-). There are plenty of villages so that you can easily pace yourself & enjoy the walk. You have multiple chances to shorten the trek if you run out of time eg Jeep from Muktinath, flight from Jomson. Starting in September you may hit the end of the monsoon & have some rain as well as the odd leech. If you want more stable weather it is advisable to start at the earliest after the 1st week of October.
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    Default Re: Trip planning + safety

    If you haven't already get a copy either by pdf download or buy book in KTM or do a ereader thing of the NATT trails guide....this will be so helpful if you do any portion of the AC trek, and it also includes the ABC area as well as Pooh Hill info....there are maps now in KTM that correlate the NATT written info with signage on the trail and map.

    I would not worry about cliff type trails....the trails btwn Upper Pisang and Manang are well traveled and decently wide. A trip or stumble in many places along most trails while trekking can lead to bad things but there is nothing in particular on the AC trail that I recall that is particularly dangerous. There are some semi steep portions on the descent from the pass but the trail is wide....stepping on a loose stone in the wrong place is not good but again the same thing on any trail. I would certainly not eliminate AC due any particular 'bad' trail. I do not recall any 'narrow' trails with cliff like drop offs.

    As above the route mostly follows rivers as you ascend and you will get in good shape by the time the higher altitude portions arrive.

    A guide is not necessary for trail guidance at all, the trail is obvious in almost all locations and in addition during your time frame there will be lots and lots of other trekkers on this trail, the most popular in Nepal. A porter/guide may make you feel better and ease the physical part too. However there will be so many trekkers on the trail you will easily meet up with people informally and can trek with or near others as they will be doing the same route on the same day. As you walk around in a little at night btwn lodges or bs in your lodge I think you can easily meet other people.

    There is no 'danger' just being alone with your daughter. I have trekked the AC twice in the last couple of yrs, Dec/Jan of 2012/2013 and 2013/2014, the first time completely solo, the last time with a single woman as a client who has balance problems/some leg weakness due a particular ailment....she had no problem on the trails or the endurance part of it....there are many many tea shops and hotels enroute and you can set your own pace hr by hr and day by day. My client used a porter who in addition to carrying her gear acted as her personal safety person and at every possible point helped balance her and steady her on any more steeper parts. He was great. He actually acted more as a personal guide. He was tipped appropriately at the end of the trek. She/we set our pace to accommodate her as there are so many options day by day along the route.

    Anyway, if AC is your choice and good one I think, I would do it w/o hesitation.

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