Thank you for this fine forum and to NATT for their wonderful trails.

I recently arrived in Nepal, as a single traveller and would-be walker.
I'm planning to use the road and jeep service from Besisahar as far up towards Dharopani as is possible( and safe!), where I'll take a right fork to be walking in the direction of Manuslu and Bimtang - but stopping one day short of Bimtang.

After descending with off-road trails to Besisahar I'll head for Ghorepani, Poon hill and Tatopani and head back to Pokhara.

Any observations or comments would be most welcome(I replied on the NATT sticky thread and started this one for my more specific input - and where I can report too)

Especially as I shall eventually be coming in the reverse direction!
How long should I allow to come down from Dhorepani to Besisahar taking it easy and using NATT trails . .
Any recommended stop-offs on this 'taking the high road' walk back down the valley

Then on my return from Dharopani, I'll look forward to using the NATT trails back down the valley far from the road . .

I think this link relates also to NATT's work( or is at least from friends who have used their trails) - and the relevant section for me..
( lots of nice pics and a clear credit for NATT)
Then I'll turn my attention to Ghorepani, Poon hill and Tatopani.
The home page of those guys is at . .

some questions -
When is it safe to drink directly from springs and streams on the trails?
How long should I allow for the two legs of this trip?
Am I being over-ambitious ?- I'm planning to set off on Wednesday 15th April and have to be back to KTM hopefully with time to take the mountain flight for some close-up views before flying out on the 5th May.

I get glimmer of an alternative to reach Ghorepani without descending to Pokhara. .
Best Regards,
Peter Maben