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Thread: Organising trekking in Kathmandu

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    Smile Organising trekking in Kathmandu

    Hi there!
    I am heading to Nepal in May of this year and wish to be part of a trek to either Manaslu and Tsum Valley or Upper Mustang regions. I am aware that permits are required and need to be organised through trekking agencies in Kathmandu.
    I will be travelling alone.
    If i meet someone in Nepal wishing to do either of these treks, would i be able to walk into an agency -and sherpas/porters be organised for me at the drop of a hat? Or do they require more notice? Do many people do this? Or do they tend do book trips before they enter the country?

    Thanks very much in advance!

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    Hi mate
    I got together with some others on trekkingpartners and we hired our own guide
    Have a look at that site and have a read of my blog, so useful info and links to trip notes
    Manaslu is awesome and Tsum valley side trip is a must.
    I'm taking my family back at xmas this year to see if I can get them into Nepal with the aim of going on a trek in a few years

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    It is possible to walk into an agency cold and arrange a trek to a restricted area at short notice. There will be plenty of guides and porters available for work and it does not take long to obtain the permits (the agency needs your passport and visa details) because the immigration dept issues them the same day as the agency applies (I think).

    That said however, I think there are better ways of going about it; going in cold and wanting to trek asap puts you in weak negotiating position so the price could be relatively high and you could end up with any old guide, as it were, rather than someone who is very familiar with those areas or, ideally, is from there.

    I suggest obtaining a few recommendations fro agencies, contacting them by email, telling them what you want )rather than asking about a standard trek & service package from their website or what they offer you), start negotiations and draw up a short list to visit in Nepal. This gives a better opportunity to negotiate on price (internet offers seem to be very high, I don't fully know why) and to meet a few guides so you can check experience, knowledge, language skills and whether you are likely to get on (as best as you can in a short meeting.

    Unless you are on a very toght schedule there is no need to book from your home country (and as btw, no need to use an international agency who subcontract to a Nepali outfit anyway). The suggestion to seek buddies on is a good one, it has worked for me in the past. In addition to here of course.

    Good luck.


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    Default Re: Organising trekking in Kathmandu

    If I can ask a separate question about arriving in ktm and organising from there... What might i expect to pay for a guide who can also take us up the trekking peaks? This would be for a party of two.

    I understand you can get guides for around US$25 Per day. Is it more for experienced, mountaineering guides? Or are all or most qualified guides mountaineers too?

    While we two can carry our personal gear ourselves, I'm also guessing I'd also need a porter to carry ropes and stuff and not rely on the guide.

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