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Thread: “Not well organized trip. Disappointed!”

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    I feel I have duty to write what happened to me when using Nepal Hiking adventure as trekking service to 13 days trekking to everest base camp.

    I am single female traveler. I decided to use Nepal hiking adventure as there is no negative comment in trip advisor and they responded mail quickly. Prior the trip, I mentioned clearly to the owner, Bishnu Lamsal, that I need to have a professional and honest guide who I can count on during the whole trekking but this trip was poor organized so I decided not to travel with Nepal Hiking Adventure on 9th day of trekking and find a new guide myself at Namche. Here are the problems I encountered during the trip.

    1. Misbehavior.
    Guide, Ram, harrassed me at 1st of trekking to Phakding by asking me if he can share a room with me. 2nd day, he told me if I am too full at breakfast, we just stayed at the bed.

    2. Careless and didn’t bring right equipment so he was sick and not able to fulfill the trip.
    The time I trek to Everest base camp is Mid-Feb, winter time. It is cold at Everst Base Camp. Ram did not have down jacket but only cotton jacket and wind proof jacket with him. He was sick after Dingboche. His shoes is too tight to his feet. He feet got hurt during trekking. I need to give him medicine and bandage as he forgot to have first aid kit with him.

    3. The guide disappeared during trekking.
    Guide, Ram, disappeared during my trek from Lobuche (4910m) to Gorak Shep (5180m). I need to look at the footprint on the ground to find direction myself.

    4. Doesn’t follow the quotation and ask me the Itinerary.
    He should have duffel bag with him to carry 10kg for me but he did not have duffel bag and did not now he need to carry 10KG for me. He did not have first aid kit per quotation, when he was sick, I need to give him my medicine. He was not familiar with my trip and ask me for the Itinerary.

    The owner, Bishnu, apologized to me after the trip but he said it is all guide's fault. They can't make sure their guide behave well and follow the contract all the time. They will fired the guide right away.

    However, as agent, it is their responsibility to screen the good guide and organized trip well for their customer as they earn commission. They shouldn't let their customer expose to danger and feel insecure during trekking.

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    Default Re: “Not well organized trip. Disappointed!”

    Hi Cecelia Thanks for your interesting post You clearly didnt have a good time HOWEVER I m not sure that by keep posting the same complaints under different headings is going to do your case any good ! because eventually we trekkers will get annoyed at reading the same points
    We have listened to your complaints and taken them on board now CHILL OUT and look forward to booking your Next Nepal trip with a different company
    Cheers Redders

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