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Thread: KTM airport still closed

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    Default KTM airport still closed

    Here's the latest news on the airport closure.

    Nepal's only international airport, the Tribhuwan International Airport, has remained shut for the past three days following Turkish Airlines Flight TK726 skidding off the runway after landing since Wednesday morning.
    Officials at the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) extended the suspension of all international flights (outgoing and incoming) until 10 a.m. Saturday as a team of Indian and Nepalese experts continued efforts to remove the immobile plane from the runway, ended in vein Friday.
    "We have decided to suspend all international flights until 10 a.m. Saturday only after removing the crash-landed aircraft from the runway.Efforts are underway to remove the immobile aircraft," General Manager of the CAAN Ratishchandra Lal Suman told reporters on Friday afternoon.
    Approximately 40,000 passengers remain stranded and over 160 flights are said to be canceled after Nepal's only international airport faced the struggle of removing the plane in the past 72- hours.
    Officials said they were not able to lift the grounded plane's nose and change the tires until Friday evening. The plane's nose cone and tires were said to be partially damaged in the course of the emergency landing at the airport.
    "The major challenge for us is to lift the plane's nose cone and push the grass-grounded plane back onto the airstrip," Suman told reporters.
    An Indian Air Force's Hercules aircraft carrying experts and plane removal equipment was deployed to the scene to assist with the removal of the Turkish airlines flight from the grassland.
    Officials said that plane removal equipment has never been required by Nepal since the Himalayan country has never faced such a problem in the past.
    The cancellation of international flights has also taken a huge toll on the tourism business as the industry is the backbone of the economic development in the Himalayan region.
    Turkish Airlines Flight TK726 veered off the runway while landing at Nepal's Tribhuwan International Airport on Wednesday morning. Among the 227 people on board, including 11 crew members, there were no fatalities.

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    Default Re: KTM airport still closed

    It's open now.

    Passengers stranded the past four days due to the Kathmandu runway closure have heaved a sigh of relief as flights resumed at Nepal’s lone international airport on late Saturday evening.

    The 84-hour hiatus for take-off and landing was in effect at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) following the aviation mishap last Wednesday when a Turkish Airlines A330 skidded off the runway and essentially shut all air traffic down.

    Etihad Airways announced a new flight schedule for Sunday, March 8, along with adding a new flight for passengers who were booked for the Saturday EY292 and EY293 flights.

    In a statement, the spokesperson said: “Following the opening of TIA, Etihad Airways has issued the following revised schedule for flights between Abu Dhabi and Kathmandu on Sunday, 8 March: Flight EY292D (AUH-KTM) and EY293D (KTM-AUH) an additional flight to accommodate passengers of the previously scheduled flight on Saturday, 7 March, operated by an Airbus A320 aircraft.

    “Flight EY290 (AUH-KTM) and EY291 (KTM-AUH), wpgraded to a larger Airbus A330-200 aircraft to accommodate the additional passengers.
    “Flight EY292 (AUH-KTM) and EY293 (KTM-AUH), operated by an Airbus A320 aircraft.

    “Flight EY2290 (AUH-KTM) and EY2291 (KTM-AUH), additional flight for affected passengers, operated by an Airbus A320 aircraft.”

    Flydubai, which operates double daily flights to Kathmandu stated earlier passengers were entitled for a full refund or the option to rebook on later flights.
    A Nepal Airlines Airbus A320 was the first flight to be cleared for take-off on its Kathmandu-Delhi route at 10.22pm on Saturday following an all-clear issued after the stranded Turkish aircraft was towed away to the domestic parking area at 7.30pm.
    According to media reports, a team of engineers from Air India were called in to assist with moving the aircraft that was stuck on its nose in the grassland surrounding the runway.
    TIA authorities have stated it is adding 24-hours service for five days to clear a backlog of flights and allowing international carriers to operate additional ones to ferry all stranded passengers.
    An estimated 50,000 travellers were reportedly stranded due to the incident, according to TIA.

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    Default Re: KTM airport still closed

    We flew home last night, Etihad put on an extra flight only half an hour between them. All went smoothly, no delays. Hopefully this will continue. We spoke t a few people who had been stranded for four days. Quite a stressful time for everyone wanting to travel in and out.

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