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    Excuse me if this is a dumb ass question but here we go; am planning a flight to KTM . The flight has a 1.5 hr gap in Frankfurt from Prague. Then onto Delhi. My question is - is this enough time to catch the Delhi flight? I am tryin to find a flight with the same airline as I think this means my luggage will be automatically loaded onto the next plane at Frankfurt. any thoughts if its enough time?
    also most flights seem to get into Delhi early in morning like 01.00 am etc. What do people mostly do? Get a Hotel/ get a Hotel in airport/ doss in airport til mornin flight to Kathmandu??

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    my experience in 2011 : flight schedule from Brussels via Frankfurt to Delhi &onwards to KTM. No luggage upon arrival.
    most likely due to fact of different airline between Brussels to Frankfurt and FRA to Delhi.

    re. time for changeover : there is some distance to cover between the two terminals so first check if you have to change terminals.
    good luck.

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