I strongly recommend Prem Bahadur Rai’s trekking agency (Prem Nepal Trek at http://trekwithpremrai.blogspot.com). My 12-day trek of the northern part of the Annapurna Circuit was a fantastic and smoothly-executed success because I took advantage of the wealth of written material about the route, followed the guidelines for gradual acclimatization, and had solid support from Prem. I initially contacted Prem (premmainarai@hotmail.com) because he is the coauthor with Andrées de Ruiter of “Trekking the Annapurna Circuit including new NATT-trails which avoid the road and trekking south of Annapurna.” I contacted several possible guide services in Nepal before finally choosing Prem. Prem responded quickly and accurately to my many e-mailed questions about planning my trek. He arranged the entire trip on short notice and cheerfully made further adjustments during the trek necessitated by changes in my schedule. Bhim Kulung Rai whom Prem selected to accompany me was just what I wanted in a guide and porter. Bhim, worked to ensure my safety and enjoyment at every stage of the trip. Prem even monitored our progress during the trek. I was an unusual client, a 72-year-old American, traveling by myself who speaks Nepalese. (I had lived in Nepal many years ago.) Although I had outlined plans before I went, I found that all of Prem’s and Bhim’s modifications were solid and increased my enjoyment of the trek. Prem’s effort in documenting the off-road trails in his guidebook was reflected in Bhim’s enthusiasm for the aspects of the Nepal that draw me and other visitors to Nepalese treks. Based on my years of living in Nepal, experience with Prem’s company and traveling with Bhim for two weeks, I can strongly recommend both Prem’s trekking agency and Bhim Kulung Rai.