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Thread: Annapurna Base Camp trek

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    We were thinking of last week of May and 1st week of June for Annapurna base camp trek - is that a good time for this? Since June 1st week is involved, can monsoon set in early (I understand mountain weather is unpredictable, but I'm asking in general whether this is a good time to go)?

    Many thanks

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    Hi There There are people on here with more knowledge than me on that trek but I would think its getting a bit close to monsoon season for me
    How ever that doesnt mean you wont have a great trek ,there are people on here who go in monsoon season delierately !
    Someone will advise you better than me
    Cheers Redders

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    The weather is likely to be cloudy in the afternoons for sure, with buildups and thunderstorms either pre-monsoon or monsoon. Perhaps periods of continuous rain. This may clr the sky of haze though that builds up in late spring towards monsoon.
    Not a time I would choose to trek.

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    Its a bit too late I feel - would be better to choose late april early May if possible!

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