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Thread: Nepal to secure Everest base camps

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    Thumbs down Nepal to secure Everest base camps

    Nepal is to deploy soldiers and armed policemen at Everest base camps to improve security before the start of the climbing season, authorities said on Friday.

    The measure comes after an altercation in 2013 between three European climbers and Sherpa guides.

    "The new provision will come into force in April when the climbing season beings," said Sharad Pradhan, spokesman of the Nepal Tourism Board. "It will include police, army officials and the armed police force and the tourism ministry officials."

    Nepal's mountaineering season in 2013 was marred by a brawl between climbers and Sherpas over rope fixing.

    Overcrowding on the slopes of Everest has also been a concern.

    More than 3000 people have climbed the world's highest mountain since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first ascended it in 1953.

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    This news is sad as well as hilarious at the same time. Instead of controlling the number of climbers, they are choosing the way of arming up the base camp. What next? A security guard for each climber LOL.

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    If that's a real reason, it's over kill. An other reason might be the common border with China.

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    Total idiocy. How are miserable lowland soldiers and police officers (likely to suffer from AMS, marched up there without any regard to ascent speed recommendations, remember India-Pakistan border where soldiers die mostly from HAPE/HACE...) going to prevent an occasional brawl between person A and B? How about the higher camps?

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    I dont think its a good idea from my side.. goodluck Nepal government.

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