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Thread: Beginners, July 14, Upper Mustang. Please help!

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    Default Beginners, July 14, Upper Mustang. Please help!

    Hi there,

    I'm very much thinking about spending some time trekking in Nepal. I'm willing to go with my mother (50+) therefore our small group consists of 2 people, beginners of trekking.

    For us, the only option is to go in the end of June or beginning of July - as far as I read something about Upper Mustang, that it's one of few regions not touched by monsoon to a great extent, during that time. Also, the route (Jomsom, Kagbeni, Samar, Syangbochen, Lomangthang etc.) doesn't seem extremely difficult, so I guess it wouldn't be a problem for complete beginners (including my mother, who is in good shape, but still she's over 50 ).

    We're planning to take a 10 days or 2 weeks routes. Well, I'd like you to help me organize the trip, or just make me focus on essential issues. Do you think Upper Mustang is a good idea? Which trek agency would you recommend? Do you happen to know what's the best way to get into Nepal from Europe (flight from London through Istanbul or Abu Dhabi? or through Delhi?).

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Best wishes,


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    Default Re: Beginners, July 14, Upper Mustang. Please help!

    I have not been to upper Mustang, but as far as I understand it is one of the best choices for monsoon time trekking, and fairly easy to reach. The terrain is not awfully up and down, either.

    What comes to taking 50 year old mothers to trekking: I just trekked to ABC with 4 50 year + mothers and they all were fine (3 first timers). In -86 I trekked the full old AC (23 days) with a 70 year old gentleman first timer. In -87 we took my mother, 63 years, to Kebnekajse mountain in Sweden, as a retirement present. Glacier walks, summited the mountain in misty weather, 1500 meter glacier/rock climb in one day and back. She had not hiked much since the forties.

    Tough mothers...

    Flights: check the Istanbul connection, supposed to be good operator, cheap prices.

    For agency recommendation send a personal message or contact "arkienkeli" at gmail.

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    Default Re: Beginners, July 14, Upper Mustang. Please help!

    Mustang is rain shadow region in Nepal so the best time to go in monsoon.
    good luck

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