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Thread: 6-7 day trek- suggestions?

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    Default 6-7 day trek- suggestions?

    I only have a very limited time for my trek. Can anyone suggest any routes for a 6-7 day trek? Arriving in Kathmandu around the 1st November.


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    Default recommend Ghorepani poonhil trek.

    Hi there , My name is duncan melloship from australia . I did trekked in nepal in may five month ago . I went to ghorepani poon hill trek that start from pokhara . That is one of the best trek you can go there . where you can see beautiful mountain range with burdent views ,different seneries .hospality of the people rivers and nature beauty , and rehdodendron forest,that will be seven days treks . I use guide his name is shankar pandey he make me that trip . he has very good knowledge about nepal tibet and bhutan . he is very responsible guide . so you are going to nepal you take his assitance as guide . dont worry his prices are very resonableto. if youwant to contact to him email him at ;
    try your sest and good luck for your trek.
    Duncan melloship.

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    Thumbs up Helambu trail


    One of the forgotten trails. You start from Sundaryal and hike up to Chisopani. From Chisopani it's possible to go to Kutumsang, but perhaps you prefer to go slower, there are more lodges on the way to Kutumsang.
    From Kutumsang the trail goes through the jungle and than gently goes to Mangengoth and Tharapati at approx. 3500 mtr.
    From there you go down to Melamchigoan, it's about 1000 mtrs down through the forest. If you continue you can reach Tharkegyang same day (Tharkegyang lodge!) From there are two ways to Sermathang Kakani.
    The upper way starting from Tharkegyang lays just above the monastry in the village. Better ask for the direction, once on the trail you can't miss it.
    From Kakani, steep down to Melamchi Pull bazaar. From there you catch the bus to the road coming from direction of Jiri. Here you have to take the bus to Kathmandu. In totall it will take you 6 days going on slowly.
    If you need more info or perhaps to contact a guide do not hesitate to contact me.

    Wish you a nice trek.


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    Helambu is the way to go. No need to waste time with flights, weather etc. It is a short drive outside Kathmandu and will offer some very nice views and a taste of trekking.

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    Default write mail for Us

    Dear travelers
    Namaste from Nepal Heritage Treks
    Please if need more information please write mail for Us we will provide for you more information ...

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    Default similar time frame


    I'm currently working with a non-profit here in Kathmandu, and I am interested in going away from Nov. 1 during the Tihar holidays on a short trek as well. Did you decide where you are going to go? I'm also having trouble deciding where to go (with the short time frame), but I've contact a women's treking guide company based out of Pokhara called 3 sisters, I'm sure you've heard of them. They're trying to help me set up a trek, but I'm open to more options.

    Let me know if you're interested in hiking together.


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    Hi Jannie, My name is Hiran Magar from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am a trekking guide as well, ghorepani poon hill trek is the best and siut for you as Husan said and that start from pokhara . That is one of the best trek. where you can see beautiful mountain range with burdent views of Annapurn, Dhaulagiri,different seneries .hospality of the people rivers and nature beauty , and of course! rehdodendron forest, Ghandruk (the second largest Gurung village) that will be 5-7 days treks. If you need any further information pls. do not hesitate write me(, its my pleasure to let you know whatever you want to... Have a nice trip.


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    Default Trekking

    Hi, my name is Iona from Australia. I was also hoping to do a 7 day trek but i will be leaving later than you (Lindsay) i think. I was hoping to start my trek on Friday 11 November. If anyone was thinking of a similar plan I'd be happy to trek in a group (I'm not sure if I like the idea of trekking on my own). I am currently volunteering in an orphanage in Pokhara and I will be here until I start my trek.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    Hi there , My name is duncan melloship from australia . australia

    You are most def. not an australian so kindly stop with the nonsense. You're english and esp. your spelling is terrible.

    If you are not an aussie or any other nationality and are merely trying to get business by pretending to be someone you are not, a word of advice:

    Other foreign travellers will also notice this and avoid you like the plague.


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