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Thread: 3G coverage Jiri - EBC - Gokyo

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    Default 3G coverage Jiri - EBC - Gokyo

    Hi all,

    in 1 week, i will be for 4 week trekking Jiri - EBC - Gokyo!
    it seems that Ncell have a good coverage in the Khumbu area…
    will i be able to answers some mails (work related) with a Ncell data sim card in most of these areas?
    if not, can i check my mail in some lodges' network?
    if i'm able to check my mail once every 24h, that would be great….

    please, if you have more information about this, can you share it with me?
    i would greatly appreciate it!!!!


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    Default Re: 3G coverage Jiri - EBC - Gokyo

    Yes, I blieve you can. Not sure that this will happen in ALL places. But you should be able to log in most days.

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    Default Re: 3G coverage Jiri - EBC - Gokyo

    Ncell is good in those areas and lodges also have wifi. Ncell has been really good with their network.
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