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    Lightbulb 3 Sisters rock at Pokhara

    You want to go for some serious hardrock climbing?! (Not for beginners!!!!!)

    3 Sisters’ Climbing Rock (private property=>use of our rocks with any commercial purposes are strictly prohibited)

    Rules and Regulations:
    • Entrance fees should be paid at the counter of EWN/3 Sisters Adventure Trekking before approaching the climbing rock. (office opens at 10 AM)
    • A maximum of 12 people are allowed to use the climbing rock at one time.
    • Use of the wall will only be granted to qualified climbers or climbers with a qualified climbing guide (able to lead a minimum of grade 5b/c).
    • Top roping is only allowed with use of the double top anchors or top chains.
    • The bottom anchors are only suited for self belay. Not for direct belay.
    • Changing or removing anything at the climbing wall and cutting trees and bushes is not allowed.
    • All rubbish and trash, even organic food leftovers, should not be left at the climbing rock surroundings, and should be deposited in appropriate vesicles.
    • Only use the existing path (no shortcuts) to the climbing rock to avoid erosion and respect the wildlife and neighborhood (no music or loud voices).
    • All malfunctions (loose bolts or damages at the rock) should be reported in detail to the counter of EWN/3 Sisters Adventure Trekking.
    • Climbers and belayer should always wear appropriate helmets, harnesses, and shoes.
    • EWN/3 Sisters Adventure Trekking has the right to refuse entrance at any time in case of not following the rules or dangerous behavior.


    • As it is a newly made, be aware that some parts of the rock are delicate and small holds or steps could break out (specially, the white chalk parts are unstable).
    • For all climbs a 50 meter single rope is needed (minimum 9.7 mm if leading), a minimum of 10 quick runners and 3 – 4 lock karabiners.
    • There is a traverse between nr.13 and Nr. 10 (belay chain around the corner at the left side of nr. 10) and climb out to the top, 3 bolts,( belay on two top bolts) Grade 4c/5a
    • Between climb nr,3 and nr.2 there is a traverse possible, ending at top of nr. 2
    • Sector ABC is located above the cable way; from there the climbs start. Climb A starts in the chimney and is graded 4c/5a 8 bolts - belay chain on the wall end. 15 mtrs. Climbs B and C start from the cable; B is graded 4b/4c (6 bolts), C is graded 4c/5a (6 bolts) and 15 meters Belay on chain. Climbs are marked in red. No top roping on B&C, sharp edge can damage your rope! Top belay or use long tape sling to avoid it.
    • Left of the ABC section there is a new climb called Spider. Belay at the top near the tree on two bolts (no top rope, walk down). Grade 5c+ / 11 bolts and 20 meters.

    The Climbs:

    Climb #Name # of Bolts Top Belay Grade Meters
    1 Watch Me 5 Chain 5c+/6a 14 mtr
    2 Orange 4 Chain 5b 14 mtr
    3 Muscles 6 Chain 5c 18 mtr
    4 Elevation 6 Chain 5c/5c+ 14 mtr
    5 No Guts, No Glory 8 Chain 5b+/5c 19 mtr (two ways: left 5b+ right 5c)
    6 A Zig Zag 9 Chain 6a+ (direct way 6b) 20 mtr
    7 Dare It 8 Chain 7 b/c 18 mtr
    8 Victorious 8 Chain 6a+/6b 18 mtr
    9 Empowerment 3 Chain 5c 12 mtr
    10 Nanga Parbati 10 2 Chain 5c+/6a 23 mtr
    11 Tendi’s Fall 9 Chain 5b+ 20 mtr
    12 U Can Do It 9 Chain 5b 20 mtr
    13 Revival 5 Chain 4b 18 mtr
    14 Energizer 4 Chain 4c/5a 10 mtr

    The section between 1-2-3 and 4 etc has some possible new climbs. Still we need to clean up some parts but it is in a lower grade and more easy. We hope to finish some more new climbs by the end of 2015. Information at the desk of EWN.

    Contact for information about Climbing, rental, instructor service, etc, only through Empowering Women of Nepal / 3 Sisters Adventure trekking ltd
    mail to: or
    tel: 061-462231 or 061-461749
    Office hours (and services offered) from 10 am until 5 pm

    Booking at least one day ahead. Equipment like harness, quick draws, helmet, etc, are on rent available. Shoes limited up to size 45. Please wear socks.
    If rope needed only with service of Climbing instructor. Bring ID or Passport with you when renting gear, without that no deal.

    Be aware that rock Climbing is a dangerous sport if guided by non autorised persons. The EWN/3 Sistes instuctors are all well trained and experienced.

    Have a safe climb!

    More information on video -> click here
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