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Thread: What clothing to wear? How much money for Annapurna?

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    Question What clothing to wear? How much money for Annapurna?

    My Boyfriend and I are trekking the annapurna circuit starting Mid October. I'm confused as to how much warm clothes we should bring. I had at first thought perhaps I could get a away with just bringing a thermal shirt, thin primaloft jacket, and a thin rain shell but now I am starting to think that won't be nearly warm enough for high altitudes? I have a warm and thick snowboarding jacket. I'd rather not bring it because it's so hefty. For pants I was just going to do thermal underwear and maybe snowboard pants on top. Will the thick snowboard jacket be necessary, and if so, can i opt for a lighter version in Kathmandu? My boyfriend only plans on bringing thermal shirt, thin wool sweater, light down jacket, and a rain jacket/shell. Will he need anything else? What kind of pants do you recommend? Any recommendation is great. Are gaiters necessary? Crampons?

    Also, how much money should we plan on spending? We do not plan on hiring a guide or porter. Staying in tea houses, simple dal bhat, no alcohol.
    Will we need to exchange all our money before the trek in Kathmandu?

    Any other tips you can give us would be welcomed.

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    I should probably mention we plan to do Thorung La

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    Daytime temperatures are usually quite pleasant, only the few evenings and nights from Manang (or rather Ghyaru, you certainly are going to take the high trail Ghyaru-Ngawal-Manang?) onward will be cool, like around freezing, and nights can be well below 0 C. What you need is a set of thermal underwear, long mid weight hiking pants, decent fleece jacket and a light shell jacket, which mostly is used against the wind. If you are unlucky, also rain lower down. I usually also have a light fleece shirt (PowerStretch) and light/midweight down jacket which I use in the evenings when it gets chilly. I do not remember ever walking in a down jacket, gets too sweaty for me.

    I also have PowerStretch legginess, but they are seldom needed together with thermals and trekking pants. If you carry two pairs of pants, like light capris & mid weight hiking pants, my favorite combo, you can certainly wear them together during the crossing of the Thorong La if needed, nobody is going to laugh at you. Generally you can freely combine and wear everything you have at the same time for the few cold moments, to make your total amount of gear less.

    I would not take heavy snowboarding pants or jackets, which are likely to be too heavy and hot for the one climb to the high pass, and not optimal for the cool evenings at the high lodges. Rather take a light down jacket or buy a second cheap fleece in Kathmandu for $10, and wear all your pants at the same time if needed (I have always managed with long johns and hiking pants).

    At the moment you will need about $20-25 worth of rupees per day per person, and all that money should be exchanged in Kathmandu before the trek, as the exchange rates are there generally 5-8% better than in the provincial capitals of Chame and Jomsom, which do have banks. You should also have some extra, which can be then used post-trek for hotels & souvenirs.

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    Thanks so much! Good to hear I don't have to lug around bulky clothing

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