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    Nameste, been coming to Nepal since the 70's back when it was very cool. Retiring in 2014 and thinking of doing so in Nepal or India. Pros and cons of doing this in Nepal as opposed to India?

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    I would prefer Nepal, but my understanding is that it is quite difficult to get a resident status, except by marrying a local lady/gentleman or investing a sizable sum of money in some business. Even then it is not always certain. India might be more easy in that regard. That is my guess, as there has been historically more connections to outside and more Britons living there.
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    Nameste Petrus, tried that once already. Put out word I'd marry a Nepali in exchange for a green card to Nepal and she'd get a green card to America. When I came down out of the Annapurnas a month later there must have been over 35 Nepali women waiting to offer their hand in marriage to me where I stay at the Butterfly Lodge in Pohkara. I picked one that spoke fairly good enlish and had a fairly good education so she could make it in America as I didn't really want a wife, and then went to the embassy in KTM to find how to proceed with this only to find out she gets a green card and I get a marriage visa that needs to be renewed annually and can be revoked at any time. So the nice little house I was going to buy in Pohkara at that time would be lost should my marriage visa not be renewed which the consulate at the embassy said was possible as relations between Nepali gov't and America weren't all that good then. This was during the Bush years when he was our president after having invaded a sovereign country (Iraq) that never attacked us nor did anything to warrant us going to war with them. Any ex-pats in Nepal who were successful in their endeavor to obtain a green card?

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    if you have a marriage visa in nepal, this can't be rewoked nor cancelled by the authorities. It is a right actually by nepali law. Only if your wife does not sing the annual renewal, then you will not get the marriage visa renwed and this keeps you dependent of another persone. You need to have huge trust if you make just a formal marriage. I would not reccomend this way, especially if you do not want even live with her.

    If you plan to stay in Nepal, you can now buy property in your name and there is also a kind of "retirement visa" besides the residential visa which is much more complicated.

    I would suggest you get in touch with the US Embassy in Kathmandu they can give you maybe good adress of lawyer with more detailed knowledge.

    (expat in Nepal)

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    To my understandig you can get a resident permit when you are retired. You have to show that you get a regulary pension above a certain amount.
    i know a least one Australian lady who is living on this basis since several years in Nepal.
    Maybee this is a easier approch than a marriage.

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    I would be interested in hearing more about the resident visa for old farts with income.....for someone else of course....

    he is some info found myself on Nepal immigration site....not super clr but it sounds expensive if you must spend 20k/yr, if that is what it means.
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    Wink Re: Ex-pat in Nepal

    Nameste, thank you for tips Andrees and Roger Ray, going to contact the Nepal Embassy in Washington DC for more info on resident visas. You are so right it might be easier than contending with a Nepali wife which is another set of difficulties in it's way. Happy trails
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    There is nothing wrong with marriage, as long as it is about real love! I guess I am just a lucky guy and I can choose to stay here if I want........but not yet!!
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