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Thread: Everest base camp trek 2013 March

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    beer Everest base camp trek 2013 March

    Once we decided to go trekking in Nepal we were overwhelmed by the offers to guide us on our adventure. After some research, we were recommended to contact Raj by someone who has done this previously. From the very start we found Raj very responsive and quick to get back to all our questions and concerns about the trek and quick and helpful in changing the itinerary when our plans changed. On arriving in Kathmandu, we learnt that Raj now has a small team of people and we set off on our trek with a guide and porter under Rajís employment. Both were young, but experienced and very helpful. The trek was more difficult than we have ever imagined, but we have completed it with the help of our guide and porter and highly doubt we could have done it without them. They were knowledgeable about the local people, flora, fauna and the landscape, which was educational and put our travel in context. They helped us to communicate with the local people, they taught us Nepalese and we have spent few pleasant evenings along the trek getting to know Nepal or simply playing cards. However, Raj has been with us all along the way via internet and telephone, checking up on us and his employees, ensuring that we were in good health (altitude sickness is a real issue in the Everest region!) and has kindly invited us for a lovely home cooked meal in his home to wind down and relax after the trek.

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    Any schedule for August yet?

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