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Thread: Late Spring Trekking Advice/AC Road??

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    Default Late Spring Trekking Advice/AC Road??


    My friend and I are planning a trip to Nepal for about 3.5 weeks in May (roughly April 27-May 20). Does anyone have recommendations for trekking at this time of year?

    We would love to do EBC and/or Gokyo Ri/Lakes. Does anybody know how much we should expect to pay per day in May for either of these trek? Is Gokyo significantly cheaper than EBC? Also, how is the weather in May before the monsoon? From what I've read there are still excellent views of the mountains in this region, especially in the morning, but it would be great to hear from someone's personal experience!

    We are also considering AC or ABC. ABC seems a little short, but we are really worried about the newly completed road on the AC. How has this changed the trekking experience? Is it still recommended? How much of the trekking is along a road? We're aware that there are some ways to get around the new road, but as far as the classic trek goes, what's it like?

    Any and all advice appreciated!!
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    Default Re: Late Spring Trekking Advice/AC Road??

    3.5 weeks is a good time to do a number of things in Nepal.
    Regarding Gokyo Lakes and EBC, do you want to fly in-out of Lukla? Or trek from Jiri?
    Assuming fly into Lukla.
    Costs per day are similar between the two, just that Gokyo Lakes is notionally shorter than EBC by 2-3 days (11 days Gokyo vs 14 days EBC - though there is flexibility there). Some people do both, by crossing Cho La, a high pass between the two. That is not a simple undertaking, especially in bad weather, and it will make the whole trek about 17 days, maybe.

    I guess, an average cost per day, whether Khumbu region or Annapurna, will be a about 25 dollars/day, or a bit more, per person, for food and accommdation, not counting guides & porters, their transport to/from the trail head etc. And appart from the 240/250 return flight KTM-Lukla

    AC is still worth doing. The road goes to Chame these days (about 2500m altitude). But the trek from Chame, to Manang, Thorung La, Jomsom - will take about 10-11 days, and it is most definitely amazing. You can make it a bit longer, and more interesting, if you take the high trail between to manag, where you see some interesting remote villages like Ngawal, and see some amazing views of the Annapurna Range. So, whatever is left of the AC, the central 10-11 days where there is no road as yet, is still amazing.
    Plus, you can vary that trek, as already mentioned (high trail to manang, then continue on to Thorung La), as well as doing side treks along the way. Not to be dismissed so easily.

    Of course, appart from trekking there are lots of other things.

    At that time of the year, the weather will be hot anywhere under 2500m altitude, so be prepared to trek in shorts and t-shirts. However it will be mild to cold at altitude. So you cannot dismiss warm clothing if you go over the AC, or Gokyo (my favourite trek - especially as you can exlpore beyone lake 5 and 6 towards Cho Oyu BC), or EBC.

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    Default Re: Late Spring Trekking Advice/AC Road??

    A brief read only sorry
    Yes, best views early in the morning. Perhaps hazy days - possible may ruin views against the sun after 10am. Cloud fingering up the valleys in the afternoon. Trekker numbers trailing off - you may well be offered free accommodation, but you should expect to eat at the lodge. Like for like, probably slightly better in terms of haze/view on EBC than AC due to greater altitude and being further east and hopefully more subject to the cleaning affect of the approaching monsoon.
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