I am planning on walking from Jiri to EBC as an acclimatisation trip for a climb of Island Peak, let me know if you fancy joining me for any part of this (i will be climbing Island peak with http://www.friendshiptrek.com/ a couple of weeks after starting from Jiri).

I plan to get the bus from KTM to Jiri sometime around the beginning on October, but i can be flexible.

I have walked most of the major (and some minor) treks in Nepal (and have trekked a good chunk of this route up to EBC and Gokyo before, although last time i started from Bhojpur district). I don't plan on getting a guide or porter as i prefer to be more independent.

I'm originally from Wales and fell in love with Nepal when i first visited 15 years ago and I have kept coming back since, most recently in 2009 when i lived in the far-west for a year while doing my PhD research. It would be great to walk with some interesting, relaxed people.

Feel free to send me an email: matthewmaycock@hotmail.com if you want to meet up in Kathmandu sometime before potentially heading off to Jiri.