I am forming a small, independent group to do the Everest Base Camp Trek in Mid-October. Ideally, the group would be between 3-6 people. We will use no guide, but you are welcome to hire a porter if you would like.

I am an experienced trekker and would prefer those in the group to have some trekking experience, or at least be fit enough to complete the trek without causing the group any serious problems. Both males and females are welcome, as well as any age.

As for me: I am a 27-year-old American writer, currently taking a few months away from a project to clear my head in the Himalaya.

For those circumspect about strangers on internet forums, you can check out my couchsurfing page here:
There are a number of references there vouching for my trustworthiness.

Details of the trek: Ideally, we will meet in Kathmandu a day or two before setting out. On Wednesday, 17 October, we will take a morning bus from Kathmandu to Jiri, and then head out on the six-day Shivalaya trek, reaching Lukla on the 24th. From Lukla, we'll do the return trek to EBC in 14 days, arriving back in Lukla on the 6th of November. I will be flying back to Kathmandu on the 7th, but of course you're welcome to do whatever.
I would prefer a group of chilled out, open-minded people so that we can all have a pleasant,problem-free trek, from which we'll all emerge as good friends. Our first priority will be ensuring we all make it back happily and safely.

If you are interested in joining me, please get in touch. And please only send me a message if you are serious and will be able to to the trek during the mentioned dates - although we may be able to stretch the departure date by a day or two if absolutely necessary.