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Thread: Trails in Iceland

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    Question Trails in Iceland

    Have any of you trekked the Landmannalaugar - rsmrk (Laugavegur) or Snfell - Lnsrfi trails? Thoughts?


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    Hi! We did an organised (group) trek in the Landmannlaugar area in August 2001. Unfortunately for us, the weather was awful with dry nights and very rainy days. The rain lasted for 7/8 days and the landscape was nothing but grey, wet shapes. Accommodation was usually in very small huts with us sleeping side by side. All the wet gear made the situation even more difficult. This was all due to a depression being trapped between the ice caps and going round and round on a 24 hour cycle. The last 3 days were drier and better. We had to cross a number of difficult rivers and one in particular was in full spate. Our guide went across on his own and left us to pair up and make our own way across. I was nearly lifted off my feet but my wife and I managed to hold on and get across. When we got back to Reykjavik I was drawn to tears when I saw the post cards showing the wonderful colours of Landmannlaugar. I would like to go back but the cost of the trip seems to go up 300 a year and it's now far too expensive for a 14 day trip.
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