A small group of us trekkers and rock climbers from Britain, Australia, New Zealand & Spain are going on the K2 Base Camp Trek on 3 August 2012. We are keen to get 2 more people on board to make a group of 7, so we can share porter and other logistical expenses. Interested persons do not need any previous trekking or climbing experience, but they need to be fairly physically fit. The itinerary is very unique with the addition of GI & GII Base Camp, the climb of a non-technical trekking peak and the famous Gondogoro La mountain pass. I have provided a description of the trek below. Anyone who is interested can contact me on email fawcett_farrah@yahoo.com.au

Background to the K2 Trek: This trek is often known as the ‘world’s ultimate trek’ and is considered an expedition. The route follows the Braldu River up to Baltoro Glacier, a 65-km long highway of ice. Ascending the Baltoro glacier we gain unrivalled views of the Karakorum and biggest rock spires and granite towers in the world such as Great Trango Tower. From Concordia, we have the most spectacular view of some of the world's greatest giants like K2 (8616m), Broad Peak (8048m), Gasherbrum IV (7925m), Chogolisa (7665m) and Golden Throne (7240m) and everything down the Baltoro Valley. Hence why Concordia is known as the ‘Throne Room of the Mountain Gods’. The opening of the 5650m high Gondogoro La adds a new dimension, also providing a larger mountain panorama covering Gasherbrum 1 to 6 and also making it possible to return via beautiful Hushe Valley. Given a little luck with weather, the view from this pass is incomparable, anywhere in the world.

Climb of Trekking Peak: The climb of a trekking peak in the West Vigne Glacier, at an approximate altitude between 5800m and 6000m (elevation unconfirmed), has been incorporated into this trek itinerary. This peak is not a technical climbing peak and the easiest route to its summit will be climbed. It is not necessary to attempt summit of the peak and group members can also choose to stay back at camp and rest.

Contact fawcett_farrah@yahoo.com.au if interested.